A Master of Science in Chemistry from Uppsala University will provide you with many opportunities to form an exciting future career in industry, the public sector, entrepreneurship or in the academic world. You will gain knowledge and proficiencies to perform special and advanced tasks in your field, at same time as you will be qualified for positions in many other areas where problem-solving, masterabstract thinking and analytical ability are required. Surveys have shown that the labor market for chemists with a degree from Uppsala University is excellent, with 97% of those who obtained their degree in the last 10 years either are employed or postgraduate students.

Chemical issues are found in most sectors, and the demand for chemists is expected to increase with the rise in environmental demands and requirements. Chemists hold a key position in addressing future challenges such as sustainable energy systems, clean and efficient production, non-hazardous products from an environmental and health perspective, new pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Possible areas for work can vary, and examples include research, development and production processes, analysis of materials, security/safety responsibility and legal issues, patenting of inventions, marketing and sales and all-embracing work with environmental and sustainability issues. Even if chemistry is basically an experimental science, there are many jobs where chemists primarily contribute with their theoretical knowledge – often in combination with proficiency in other fields.