Our students

To our master programme we have applicants from all over the world. This year we got 40 students with ten different nationalities that started the programme. This multicultural mixture enrich both the exchange of studyexperiances and the social interchange.

Our students are very satisfied with the programme and the study environment. This is clearly shown in the  CHE-Excellence Ranking where we got one of the best student judgements of all european master programmes in Chemistry.

Here three of them shares their thoughts about their studies:

Name: Valeria Saavedra Becerril

From: Mexico City

Previous studies: 4.5 year Bachelor of Chemistry

Programme track and year: Chemistry for Renewable Energy, 2nd year 



Why did you choose this Master Programme?
At first I wanted to study chemistry with some environmental or energy application and I also wanted to do my master studies abroad. I found the track of "Chemistry for renewable energy" at Uppsala University and it sounded really interesting to me. It was a unique specialisation that I didn´t find anywhere else. Uppsala University is one of the oldest and best ranked universities in northern Europe, science and specially chemistry have a lot of history in this place with so many important personalities, discoveries and inventions. I was very enthusiastic on going to a completely different place from my original city and I had no doubt that this decision would help my future career. 

Have the programme fulfilled your expectations?
Yes, I'm really satisfied with my choice. The best thing with this programme is that you go from learning pure science that gives you good knowledge of how things work and then get the opportunity to apply this knowledge to some technology. Within the field of renewable energy there are so many interesting research projects here in Uppsala where chemistry is the key science, and this projects take care of the environmental and energetic problematic that humans are confronting by the time. As student it is possible to work within several of these research groups through research training courses and the degree project. Teachers are also great, they really care about the students and they follow our learning and help us to succeed in the courses. The times when I´ve missed a lecture due to illness for example, the teachers have even given personal lectures afterwards. 

How do you find the life in Sweden?
It might seam odd, but since early age I have had certain interest in Nordic countries, this without even having visited Europe before. I was especially interested in their social structure and politic system and the beautiful nature and different climate. I started to study swedish language and culture before going abroad which increased my enthusiasm. When I found this programme after a lot of searching of different alternatives it felt like it was ment for me to come here. In spite of high expectations and an already made picture of how everything would be I was not disappointed once arriving. I really like life here, respect between people and the nature, social welfare and equality define "the swedish model" that in my opinion works pretty well. The only thing that got me a little bit depressed was the darkness and cold during the wintertime, but I was helped by the Swedish healthcare, all the friends I got to meet here and by having some extra Vitamin D. 

..and the studentlife in Uppsala?
Uppsala is a great city for students. The student nations provide natural meeting places where you get to know many people and have fun, they offer activities for all kind of tastes. There are many foreign students at Uppsala University, about 80% of the students in the chemistry master programme come from abroad, this makes you come in contact with many different cultures which is an amazing and unique experience that helps to your personal growth.

What would you like to do after graduation?
I always wanted to teach and I would like to combine research and teaching at some university. Right now I've just started my degree project within the research of dye sensitized solar cells which is being very interesting. After that I would like to continue as a PhD-student. The best about studying this programme at this university is that it has motivated me to come to my own research ideas that I would really like to be able to work on in the future. If destiny wants so I might stay in Sweden even after graduation.

Chao Liu,  from China

"My uncle advised me to study for a master programme in Sweden. I had learned from internet that Uppsala University is renowned in chemistry and that there are a lot of courses including each area of the subject. Within the programme I have chosen to study physical chemistry because I find surface chemistry very interesting, specially the applications within medicine. My dream is to work at AstraZeneca. In China it is easy to find job as a chemist and if you have some study experience abroad it helps you to find a better job. The programme has fulfilled my expectations totally."



Maryam Tavakoli, from Iran

"For someone like me wanting to study chemistry, Uppsala University was the best choice. The way teachers treat students and their ways of teaching stand out in comparison with other universities. Although it’s hard to keep up, I have always made progress, thanks to the teachers. We students come from different parts of the world. It’s good for us to have different backgrounds. Since we’re all good in different areas, we can share our knowledge with each other."