Study at Uppsala University

Uppsala University was founded in 1477. Its traditions, expert knowledge, and comprehensive experience provide a stable foundation for research and education. Uppsala University is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. Its ancient traditions of knowledge and outstanding research have earned the University an excellent reputation and an unquestioned place in the international research community. In a great many fields, Uppsala University research is on the international cutting edge. 8 Nobel laureates have also helped making the University known all over the world.

Studying at Uppsala provides experience and networks for life and an Uppsala degree opens doors in the job market.

Some facts and figures

* Oldest university in Scandinavia
* Ranked as one of the 100 top-universities in the world
* Education and research in nine Faculties
* 40,000 students
* 2,500 graduate students
* About 400 doctorates per year
* About 6,000 employees

A thriving student life

Uppsala has a very rich student life. The enormous range of activities with nations, orchestras, choirs, theatre groups, student gyms, sport teams, photo groups, student radio and papers e.g. makes Uppsala a unique student city. Maybe it is due to the fact that students have walked on the streets for more than 500 years. Much of the student activities take place within the nations, student clubs that date back to the 17th century, managed by students themselves. Apart from all sorts of activities based on interests they also offer housing, newspaper and reading rooms, libraries, cheap restaurants, night clubs and numerous large festivities ("gasques") that take place annually.

Each Nation (there are 13 of them) is connected to, and bears the name of, a certain region in Sweden. For an Uppsala student it is compulsory to be a member of a nation (for a fee of about 20 Euros per year – there is one without any activities that is for free), and most students join the nation representing their native region. As a foreign student you are free to choose which nation you want to join.

Student dorms and apartments are spread over the city and its vicinity. Most students live in student corridors. That means that you rent one room in a corridor where you share kitchen, living room and sometimes also bathroom with the other students living there. This is a cheap way of living and it gives you the chance to meet different people you would normally not come in contact with; that includes Swedish students and other international students who might study anything between astronomy and psychology.

After a stay in Uppsala as student you will most probably go home not only with a very valuable diploma, but also with many new friends and a lot of good memories for life.

In Uppsala there are more bikes than inhabitants. In contrast to most European cities the students of Uppsala have made the bicycle the most important mode of city transportation. Most facilities and requirements for sports and recreation found in a large city are also present in Uppsala, and more or less everything is easily reachable by bicycle on safe roads.

Beautiful and charming city with a lot of activities around

Uppsala is a large and lively centre in terms of education, research and student life. However, although being the 4th largest city of Sweden, Uppsala is from an international point of view a small, calm and safe place. The charming old town is easily accessible by northbound train (40 minutes) or bus from Stockholm and Arlanda international airport (30 minutes). Uppsala is located within the county of Uppland in a historically rich landscape, which a millennium ago was one of the most prominent centres of the Viking culture.

Beside the castle and the dome the older university buildings, many of them highly interesting and beautiful, dominate the city centre around the small river Fyrisån. Most impressive are the university house and the university library, Carolina Rediviva. The character of Uppsala is to a large extent dependent on the presence of the two universities (Uppsala University in the city centre and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences just south of the city). The students are a domineering and important part of the society, giving the population a youthful and modern impression.



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